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If you enjoy sun as much as we do, TANLINES will light up your home. Handmade of carefully arranged rattan poles, this mirror embodies everything you dream about: sophisticated shapes, neutral colors and naturally grown materials. Being more than a meter wide, this beauty will shine for itself.

Material: rattan, mirror glass

Color: Whitewash

Dimensions: 117 cm x 13 cm

About the material

Rattan hasn’t become famous again for no reason. The raw material, which is extracted from the stem of the same-named climbing palm species, isn’t only fast-growing but also known to be as sturdy (and beautiful) as wood. As the Philippine Islands have ever since ranked among the main rattan producers, Philippine rattan craft is said to be superb.

Please note that each of our products was handmade by artisans who need days to weeks to finish it. Any irregularities should not be considered as flaws, but enhance its unique character.