Our Story

BOUTIK TROPIK is the digital interior boutique for those who like to travel in style – and want to live accordingly. Though unusually spelled, we hold true to what our name promises: The French word boutique, actually meaning “small shop”, has become synonymous with individual traveling and residing. We carefully select artisanal home and lifestyle goods that reflect our everlasting longing for sun drenched, palm fringed places and dedicate them to the like-minded.

Being lucky enough to call the Philippine archipelago our second home, it came naturally to us to start our journey there. Our items are handmade by the most gifted Philippine artisans and inspired by the landscape they are living in. We share these people’s love for the timeless, sophisticated aesthetic of natural things. And believe in their soothing effect on both homes and souls.


„She’s even more tropical than me“ is what Erik keeps saying about his business partner and wife. Ina, born and raised in shivering Germany, did not only fall in love with her later husband but with his sun-drenched home ground as well: The Philippine Islands. Her first trip to the country, a decade ago, left her with a wandering heart. After having worked as a lifestyle editor for some of the most renowned German magazines (Myself, Cosmopolitan, Freundin, Bunte, Elle), she felt a growing yearning for a more laid-back, a coastal life. While still fantasizing about opening a boutique Bed and Breakfast on the Philippine shore, she decided to embark on another adventure first: BOUTIK TROPIK. The digital store for handpicked tropical home goods evolved as a result of Ina’s obsession with travel-inspired interiors and faraway worlds. She’s both the face and creative mind of the shop.


Despite having a Nordic name, Erik is anything but that. After being born and having spent the first 13 years of his life in Manila, destiny brought him to Germany. But making his new habitat a home (and marrying a German girl), did not remove him from the tropics. Erik, who’s a sunny soul and passionate surfer, kept on traveling around his motherland and dreaming about moving back. While working in the financial sector he has an eye for art and – cause there’s no place like home – a heart for Philippine crafts. In view of this and his ability to speak fluent Tagalog, the language of the native people of the Philippines, opening BOUTIK TROPIK was a logical step. Erik’s background makes it a lot easier to seek out talented artisans and treat them with due respect. He’s the man when it comes to numbers, figures and getting in touch with our manufacturers.


Emmanuel, short Eman is in the Philippines when we are not. Erik’s cousin grew up in bustling Metro Manila surrounded by local arts and crafts. “Apart from breathtaking landscapes, this is truly the most interesting part of my homeland. Our culture is limitlessly rich and still undiscovered.” Eman’s insight of Philippine craftsmanship and his high quality standards makes him our perfect partner on site. He travels his country to gather new design ideas and keeps an eye on our production paths.