We value items that are not only reminiscent of the modern tropics, but also full of its cultural heritage. That’s why we collaborate with manufacturers focusing on age-old techniques: the art of rattan weaving or t’nalak, the traditional cloth making of the southern Philippine T’boli and Mandaya tribes. Our products are handmade by local craftswomen and craftsmen and it takes them up to two months to finish them. By expanding their markets from palm-fringed islands to European shorelines we give these people a chance to thrive. In short: BOUTIK TROPIK encourages to dream – of warmer places and a slightly better world at least.


We have a soft spot for plants. Our chairs, wall hangings and some of our lamp shades are made from rattan, which is known to be as stable as wood, but way more flexible. Rattan, extracted from the so called rambling palm, is a fast-growing and therefore highly contemporary resource. Same goes with Abaca, a banana plant that is endemic to the Philippines and harvested ever since to produce tear proof fibers, twines and fabrics. An eco-friendly technique that is also used for our pillow covers, baskets and lamps.


Since we don’t want to imagine the tropics without dense jungles and clean beaches, we make every effort to pack our products in an environmentally-friendly way. As long as they have survived the journey undamaged, we use the cartons and wrapping papers of our manufacturers again. Our hang tags are printed on FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper, meaning that is has been sourced in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.