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Our sensational REEF BASKET looks like straight out of the ocean, but is all made of abaca and wire. With an impressive diameter of either 70 or 100 cm this hand-curved, coral shaped storage makes a one-of-a-kind wall decor as well. Just place it wherever you like and see it exhale its seaside chill.

Material: abaca (banana plant fiber), wire

Available Colors: Driftwood, Grey Nomad

Available Sizes: L (100 cm x 20 cm), M (60 cm x 24 cm)

About the material

Abaca is a rather unknown but unexpectedly talented banana plant (Musa textilis). It’s native to the Philippines and harvested for its extremely durable fibers, which are extracted from the leaf stems. We value abaca, also called Manila hemp, for being a sophisticated, fast-growing and highly sustainable material.

Please note that each of our products was handmade by artisans who need days to weeks to finish it. Any irregularities should not be considered as flaws, but enhance its unique character.