There is no place in the world where we sleep as deep as on Siargao Island.
Might be the heat. Or the ever growing number of fancy accommodations!

Foto: Camille Robiou du Pont


Harana belongs to said friends, who had to talk us into our first Siargao trip (at this point: Shame on us, Ian and Mike!). Amidst German, French, Italian or Australian-run resorts, Harana boasts “The True Beauty Of Modern Filipino”. Meaning: typical design, local cuisine. If you want to meet the hip crowds from Manila and Cebu (including local celebrities), get as close as possible to the island state and dream about a surf spot on your doorstep, Harana is your place. Not yet convinced? Their Ripe Mango Shake is epic! From about 50 euros per night


Bravo? Well, if you’re doing it right like Bravo Beach Resort, you deserve a name like that. Even though the place, which is only a stone’s throw away from General Luna, only opened a few years ago, it has quickly turned into the first port of call for a casual, international audience. Guests can expect: Affordable rooms in California casual style, an open-air restaurant overlooking the sea, a refreshing plunge pool and good music. We’ve spent whole afternoons here. And ordered embarrassingly many vegetarian burger and iced coffees. From about 50 Euro per night


There are countless reasons to stay at Villa Maya: Shakshuka and Hummus for example. Alon, the Israeli owner, who can tell you what it was like to share his house with Anthony Kiedis a few years ago. Or the place’s very own mini ramp. But Villa Maya has become famous for one thing above all: its view! If you round off your day in the Villa’s Infinity Pool, you’ll see dense jungles in the golden evening light and white cranes circling above remote rice fields. Vistas you’ll never forget. From about 70 Euro per night


Kalinaw in a single word: sigh! There are only a few hotels in the world that make us that enthusiastic. Siargao’s oldest boutique resort is the merit of Fred and Pierre, two exiled Parisians who live up to the French sense of style. Everything at Kalinaw is on point: design, cuisine, service and atmosphere. With five villas only, this place always feels like having it all for yourself – something you can no longer expect from many spots in and around General Luna. If you don’t want to stay at Kalinaw, you should spend at least an evening there. Our tip: reserve a table on the beach, put your feet in the warm sand and your head in a cold glass of white wine. That’s what we call meditation! From about 180 Euro per night


Siargao’s first and only premium resort has an eventful history which goes something like this: Bobby Dekeyser, a former professional soccer player and founder of outdoor furniture brand Dedon, fell in love with the island many years ago, bought a simple resort there, turned it upside down, named it Dedon Island – and handed it over to his daughter Carolin. Dedon Island became Nay Palad in 2018. Good style? It something you can always expect from the Dekeyser Family. But same goes with luxury. If you don’t want to pay 1300 Euro a night for one of nine fabulously designed villas, admire them from the outside! Dreamy Malinao Road, where Nay Palad is located, is a destination itself.